Take the guesswork out of ophthalmology interview prep.

You spend more time finding a practice partner and figuring out what to learn than actually learning. Stinterview simplifies your revision process, we provide a question bank and multiple peer mock practice interview sessions so you can focus on your interview prep.

Give yourself the accountability,  knowledge, and skills for you need to succeed. 

Over 30 interview scenarios

Grade yourself as you go through 200 questions designed for the 2023/24 interviews covering both clinical & communication skills.

Adapted for 2024 virtual interviews

We have created bespoke frameworks and realistic stations for you to practice independently and with peers.

Knowledge tutor

High yield notes for every clinical condition that has been tested or could come up in the interview.

📣 Feedback from some of our candidates

👁 One cataract operation for every sign-up.

We’re proud to announce a partnership with Orbis UK. For every sign-up to our platform, you are funding one cataract operation in a developing country. Together we can help reduce the world’s reversible causes of blindness.

Join the first and only network for mock interview practice

The best way to hone your skills and familiarity with the interview process is through practice. We will host virtual mocks for our subscribers to simulate the interview with each other using our interview resource.

Discounts for practice pairs and groups

Whilst many of our resources are adapted also for solo practice, we recognise the importance of practicing in groups. For those already practicing - we offer discount codes for revision pairs, triplets, quadruplets! Email us at ost@stinterview.com for a coupon.

Join 100+ applicants in our subscribers only whatsapp group

Alongside sharing advice between an amazing group of applicants, the stinterview team and recent successful applicants (now trainees) are on hand to support with all sorts of questions about portfolio upload, interview prep tips, even MSRA advice!

💼 Mock Interview Practice Sessions

"Consistency is the best teacher."
We're planning 9 punchy, 1-hour mock interview workshops - all free for subscribers. At each workshop, we release 2 new stations for practice at each of these. You get paired up with someone new, and time each other in exam scenarios. Even if you miss a workshop, just pick up the stations in your own time!

Worried about MSRA results? If you’ve missed the mark this year, don’t worry, we’ll  support you with a huge discount next year. 

Current Mock Workshop Schedule:

We try our best to continually add new workshops. With each workshops, 2 new stations are released. 

All the workshops are free for questionbank subscribers. 

🔮 How our Mock Workshops work

🧠 FAQ's

The mock interview workshops are free for all paying subscribers of the question bank. There’s no additional fee for joining, and we encourage you to come to as many as you can.

Our first provisional date for the mock interview is the 23rd of October. Keep an eye out for a blog post update. 

These sessions usually last around 90 minutes, we send around some videos beforehand to help candidates who have had less experience with acting, doing mocks, etc. These tend to take place on a Saturday or Sunday morning, and we make sure a current OST is present to field questions.

The workshops are practice sessions for you, and thus won’t be recorded – even if you don’t attend, your question bank will have the new stations released on the workshop dates so you can practice with a friend in your own time.

For the 2023 entry, the competition ratio was 98 posts to 971 applicants – the ratio was 9.91. However, don’t let this put you off! It’s a structured process and practice makes perfect.

Yes! We know about the changes to the interview format and are in the process of writing new material as well as updating our existing stations. The stations are now classed as either (clinical) or (comms and ethics). We are keeping a close eye on the Severn Deanery website and will continue to update and refine our stations as new information is released. 

As of 2024, ‘station 1’ is still a patient consultation but is designed to test your clinical knowledge. 

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This course is designed to develop your understanding of clinical ophthalmology!

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