success in ophthalmology interview

Congratulations and Welcome!

Congratulations to our numerous fantastic successful top-ranking candidates and welcome ophthal life, you have made the right choice! 

We really hope you enjoy your training as an ophthalmologist (we certainly are). Take a moment during induction wherever you are to sit back, relax and remember that you will never have to do a ward round again!

We hope all your inductions are going smoothly. If there is anything we can help with we’re always happy to be contacted.

Now you’re in, a strange time of year will occur around October when aspiring ophthalmologists and many friends of friends of friends will bombard your whatsapp asking how on earth you landed your sought-after ophthalmology trainee number. Fortunately we’ve made it easy for you, just recommend ST interview and we’ll take care of the rest!

Good Luck!

Kat, Ernest, Dun Jack and Matthew. The ST interview team