New stations for 2023 Ophthalmology ST1 Interview Cycle

Are you preparing for the Ophthalmology ST1 application process and looking to maximize your chances of getting in?

stinerview is excited to announce our new set of Ophthalmology interview preparation workshops, these are off the real 2022 stations and written by recent top-scoring ST1’s. These workshops, designed specifically for Ophthalmology ST1 applicants, will provide participants with the opportunity to practice their interviewing skills and gain valuable feedback from their peers, and those that have just done the interview cycle.

One of the key features of our workshops is the use of a comprehensive Ophthalmology question bank, developed by us to enable you both to practice being an examiner and examinee. This question bank covers a wide range of topics and will help participants to prepare for the types of questions they can expect to be asked during their Ophthalmology interviews.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to gain an edge in the Ophthalmology ST1 application process, sign up now to come practice with us!

We will have 2 new practice stations coming out every workshop, you’ll be getting the latest and most up-to-date information on how to pass the Ophthalmology ST1 interview. Sign up now and get insane value while maximizing your chances of getting in!