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Set up for individual or pair practice with mark schemes, prompts, and timers.

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A case you've never seen, with people you've never met, under realistic interview-day conditions.

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Sign up early and get multiple fresh rounds of practice under timed conditions in the run up to the actual interview.

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Mark schemes and patient briefs

Get prepared. Work through our stations. It's set up so you can do it in your own time alone or with a friend. We release new stations alongside the mock interview workshops leading up to your actual interview.

Simulate the real thing

Timers, checklists and prompts mean that you don't get the answers all at once. Work through this and improve on what you've missed. Interviews are a game of consistency and practice and we give you the tools to do so.

How the interview workshops work

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Ophthalmology ST1

The ophthalmology ST1 question bank and mock interview network.

Anaesthetics CT1

Anaesthetics CT1 question bank and mock interview network.

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