We Are Launching Our 2023 Anaesthetics Interview Course!

The February 2023 recruitment process for anaesthetics core training is underway, and for the first time stinterview.com will be providing content for anyone preparing for their anaesthetics core training interviews.

What can you expect from our training platform?

For those new to stinterview.com, we support your interview preparation on several levels: 

  1. We provide anaesthesia interview questions and answers.
  2. We provide recommended approaches for answering clinical and general interview questions. 
  3. We provide an anaesthetics interview scoring matrix that enables you to practice your interview questions with your study partner.
  4. We host peer-to-peer interview workshops led by top-scoring anaesthetics trainees, where you will have an opportunity to practise realistic interview scenarios live and under timed conditions: https://lu.ma/ast

On our open-access blog, we also regularly post free interview tips and tricks.

What can you expect in the interview process?

The Anaesthetics CT1 interview consists in equal parts of a clinical scenario and general interview questions. Your ability to demonstrate clinical knowledge and decision making, commitment to anaesthetics, and relevant experience will all be instrumental in your interview success. 

As specialty trainees ourselves, we know that the recruitment and interview preparation process to land your dream job can be intense, but we believe that the right preparation can certainly take the edge off. Timelines for the anaesthetics February 2023 CT1 intake are short. There are only six weeks to prepare from application close in August until the interview window opens at the end of September. To maximise your time, we recommend you get into the hang of answering interview questions now – in a friendly environment with like-minded subscribers and experienced trainees. 

Have a look at our blog for further information on the application process, top tips for a successful application, and to see how current CT1 trainees experienced their interview.

Or sign up for our upcoming mock interview workshops to test the platform yourself. We have three webinar dates coming up on 

  • 15 August 2022
  • 22 August 2022
  • 30 August 2022

Register your interest at: https://lu.ma/ast