Take the guesswork out of your 2024 Anaesthetics Interview Prep

You spend more time finding a practice partner and figuring out what to learn than actually learning. 

Stinterview simplifies your revision process, we provide a framework for approaching the interview,  and multiple peer to peer mock practice interview sessions so you can focus on mastering your interview skills.

Don’t leave it to chance. Give yourself the accountability,  knowledge, and skills for you need to succeed. 

Gain foundational interview knowledge.

Gain foundational insights and wisdom from top performing anaesthetic trainees. This course is led by a top-10 ranking Anaesthetic SpR, FRCA.

Practice with peers or independently

A resource designed for both self-study and with partners in real interview settings. Complete with answer frameworks and high-yield tips.

Learn powerful interview frameworks.

Score well through developing intelligent frameworks to approach any question. Detailed guides on common errors and how to fix them.

Join the first and only network for mock interview practice

The best way to hone your skills and familiarity with the interview process is through practice. Learn with other top driven, motivated applicants. We will host virtual mocks for our subscribers to simulate the interview with each other using our interview resource.

Mark schemes designed to guide your revision.

Interviewer instructions and detailed, adaptive mark schemes to help you make sure you practice all types of questions for each station.

Join other applicants in our dedicated subscribers only WhatsApp group

Alongside sharing advice between an amazing group of applicants, the stinterview team and recent successful applicants (now specialist registrars) are on hand to support with all sorts of questions about portfolio upload, interview prep tips, and for any panic advice!

📣 Hear from our recent successful candidates

Anaesthetics CT1 Interview Schedule

Current Mocks and Workshop Schedule:

The workshops are free for questionbank subscribers. 

You are paired up with another candidate, and practice under interview conditions with expert debrief and feedback over the mark schemes. 

Subscribers will get the zoom links emailed in. We record all taught workshops.

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Definitely! It is part of HEE guidance that for all doctors in training:

study leave should be granted for: “educational or professional development opportunities that enhances the knowledge, skills and attitudes of the doctor in training, or enhances any aspect of patient care, but is not mapped to any direct curriculum requirements”.

Reference: https://www.hee.nhs.uk/sites/default/files/documents/Study%20leave%20guidance%20overview.pdf 

The mock interview workshops are free for all paying subscribers of the course. There’s no additional fee for joining, and we encourage you to come to as many as you can.

These sessions usually last around 60 minutes and are held over Zoom. During the session, we will cover either a clinical interview or a general interview. You will be paired up with a fellow aspiring anaesthetist and will take turns either being the interviewer or interviewee. We try our best not to pair you up with the same person twice. The questions will be pre-prepared with guidance on how to score your partner. An anaesthetic registrar will be present to provide ongoing and clarification and support.

The workshops are practice sessions for you, and thus won’t be recorded – even if you don’t attend, your question bank will have the new stations released on the workshop dates so you can practice with a friend in your own time. More didactic sessions will be recorded. 

For the 2023 entry, the competition ratio was 545 posts to 2604 applicants – the ratio was 4.78. However, don’t let this put you off! It’s a structured, predictable process and practice makes perfect. Attending our workshops allows our experienced registrars to help you to continue to refine and hone your interview skills.

Yes! We have 5 highly realistic general interview mocks and 5 clinical interview mocks ready to go with detailed answer frameworks and the official mark schemes. These can be practiced with partners or on your own.

There is also a wealth of other useful information on our website.

We release new mocks on the day of the workshops so people attending have a brand new interview that they have never seen before.

The subscription for this interview round will end at the end of the week after all interviews have completed. 

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