The power of practice and networks.

Ophthalmology ST1 Interviews season is in full swing! With everyone busy finessing their portfolio’s and eagerly awaiting MSRA results, we’ve been proud to support already over 70 applicants for this year’s OST interview with their portfolio, interview, and application preparation.

It’s been amazing to see everyone over the past practice sessions, refining their skills for the 2023 recruitment for ophthalmology over already 27 high yield stations.

Last week one of the stations tested candidate’s knowledge of low vision aids, eye clinic liason officers (ECLO), and how to break bad news for a patient that is going to end up with low vision. This is super high yield knowledge that could set you apart in the interviews, and we cover all your knowledge needs comprehensively across all our mocks.

If you’ve missed the mocks – don’t worry, here’s a sneak peek at what our platform looks like – it’s complete with examiner mark schemes and patient briefs, so you can take the stations from the workshops you’ve missed to practice with a friend.

ophthalmology question bank 2023

Another benefit of joining as a subscriber is the unofficial ST1 interviews WhatsApp Group we’ve set up. In it are current OST’s – from ST1’s who’ve just done the real thing to experienced senior trainees who can provide clinical insight. Currently there is a lot of peer-to-peer support around the portfolio upload, and people are sharing tips and formatting tricks, and shared queries around the sometimes mysterious grading and scoring criteria for portfolios.

Good luck to everyone uploading their portfolio’s now, and don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you’ve got questions!

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