Ophthalmology Portfolio Workshop – October 16th 2021

3 years ago we were just a couple of guys who were interested in ophthalmology. We didn’t have PhD’s, loads of publications, and didn’t win the Duke Elder. Many of our peers didn’t. What we did have, was some great advice. We crafted good portfolios, and were smart about making sure you give yourself the best chance for maximum points.

Are you a final year study or F1 Interested in ophthalmology? Or an F2 or F3 applying this year and putting on some finishing touches? Based on demand, stinterview.com is hosting a live Ophthalmology ST Portfolio Workshop on the 16th of October, Saturday at 11AM. Join us for an hour where we take you through the scoring criteria for the portfolio step by step.

The workshop is free for all question bank and interview network subscribers, but we ask non-subscribers to donate £10 to our official charity partners – Orbis UK. They support us with marketing and growing, and we want to support their mission of democratising eye care.

Based on our experiences, we’re big believers that success comes from consistency and strategy rather than luck or chance. Whilst it’s competitive, you can give yourself the best chance for success by making sure you plan for maximum portfolio points.

During the workshop, we will

  • Explore the mindset of a successful applicant – it’s not what you think
  • How ‘normal people’ without PhD’s or loads of publications can still rank top 5 in the country
  • How to be smart about your portfolio approach
  • Look at some actual portfolio pages with mark-schemes from high-scoring candidates

If you’re interested, join us on the google form below!

If you’re not a subscriber and wish to come to the workshop, please first make a £10 donation via the stripe link here.

See you there
stinterview.com team