Launching Core Surgical Training ST1 Question Bank!

To all aspiring surgeons,

We’re delighted to announce our new core surgical training interview platform designed to help you land your dream CST Job. Following on from the success of our ophthalmology platform, we partnered with a top scoring Core Surgical Trainee, Yad Devabalan, who ranked in the top 1% of the country. Together we built a brand-new tailored platform from the ground up designed to land you your first choice job.

According to Yad, the route to interview success is not just attending an expensive one-off interview course, but sustained practice with multiple other candidates is the key. This helps you develop the versatility to adapt to the unexpected and each candidate brings their own individual perspective on how to tackle difficult interview scenarios.

Signing up to our platform not only gives you access to our extensive library of realistic mock interviews, designed to be practiced on your own or with friends, but adds in 5 completely free online mock sessions where you practice with other aspiring surgeons who you haven’t met before, doing a station you’ve never met before.

Based off our other specialties, loads of people end up networking so they can continue to practice afterwards. These sessions are run on a weekly basis leading up to the 2022 core surgical training interviews and are facilitated by top scoring Core-Surgical-Trainees who provide real-time feedback and tips. Keep an eye peeled on this blog for our first date – set to be in late October.

Don’t miss out – sign up now.