General Mock 6 – updated for 2024

Candidate Instructions

This is your General Interview, which will follow straight on from your Clinical Interview.

Examiner Instructions

This mock contains more questions than you will be able to go through in a 15-minute interview. This is reflective of the real interview where interviewers are given an option of a few questions they can ask the candidates in the 15-minute time frame.

You should choose a range of questions over the course of the 15 minutes that will enable you to assess the candidate on the following four domains:

  1. Professional behaviour and communication
  2. Commitment to specialty
  3. Reflective practice
  4. Global rating

 It is your duty to keep track of time so that you are able to ask a reasonable spread of questions that allow the candidate the opportunity to score points in all four domains. Aim to spend about 3.5 minutes on each of the four assessed domains.

 You can only ask the questions verbatim, as they are written. You may repeat the question if the candidate seeks clarification.

Professional Behaviour & Communication

Answer Frameworks

Commitment to Specialty

Answer Frameworks

Reflective Practice

Answer Frameworks

Examiner Feedback

Professional Behaviour & Comms Commitment to Specialty Reflective practice Global rating

Scoring system:
1 = unsatisfactory
2 = weak

3 = typical

4 = very good

5 = outstanding


See a guide to the scoring matrix section of this question bank.


Feedback Prompts

1. What domains did the candidate give very good or outstanding answers for?

2. What domains do you think the candidate could work on?
3. Please provide feedback on the candidate’s style of interview. Consider their eye contact, body language, pace and clarity of speech. Do they have any tics, habits, or quirks that do not come across well in their interview?

Don’t be afraid to give honest feedback! 

It can be tempting to give generic positive feedback to your partner, e.g. ‘that was really good, I wouldn’t change anything’ .  Both of you will benefit from constructive criticism. Think of any way your partner may be able to improve. Reciprocal constructive feedback is the key.



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